Some implementations are quite straightforward. The customer will have a detailed requirement and ORION IXL Berhad will implement the technology solution based on our Operational Resource Planning (ORP) Platform. In most cases, our technology will neatly fit with the customer’s project scope and functional requirements and will be aligned with their existing ICT Solutions and Infrastructure Architecture.

Notwithstanding, there will be cases where the customer already has a certain infrastructure in place together with legacy or other prevailing enterprise solutions, whether Finance, HR, CRM, Sales Force or perhaps, SAP.

In the latter scenario, ORION IXL Berhad will first understand and appreciate the customer’s operating environment, obtain a first hand experience of the existing solutions and map out the various optimal possibilities of integration with ORION IXL Berhad’s ORP platform and technologies. While we possess the capabilities and resources to execute integration activities, ORION IXL Berhad also works with carefully selected strategic and technology partners for additional and complimenting support in certain areas.The Service Level Agreements (SLAs) remain the responsibility of ORION IXL Berhad and we ensure that only our highest commitment and services are delivered to our customers.

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